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WeinpresseInteresting facts about growing wine on Lanzarote

You can find fascinating and amazing areas, where grapes are grown, in the valley of La Geria.

Every vine is individually growing in its own funnel-shaped hole that is rimmed by a low wall made of lava rocks for protection from the Passat winds.

Thousands of those "Zocos" can be seen along the mountain slopes.

The soil is covered with black lava ash called "Lapili" or Picon" which protects it against drying out.

The porous material absorbs dew during the night and releases it into the soil during the day.

Growing area: approx. 200,000 m² - approx. 50,000 hl

Mainly the Malvasia grapes are grown here but also, to as smaller extent, the Muscatel grape.


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